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Visual of Illipe Butter and Cocoa Butter

Forest Wise: ILLIPE BUTTER – The Versatile Cocoa Butter Alternative

Illipe Butter, also known as Tengkawang, is a natural vegetable fat sourced from the nut of the Shorea stenoptera tree, indigenous to Borneo. Renowned for its multifaceted applications in both cosmetics and food production, Illipe Butter boasts nutritional benefits, a firm texture and an odourless profile, making it an ideal ingredient for a diverse array of products.

Illipe Butter compared to Cocoa Butter

Illipe Butter presents a generally more cost-effective option compared to cocoa butter, making it an attractive choice for manufacturers seeking to optimise production costs without compromising quality. Its higher melting point than cocoa butter ensures enhanced stability and structure, particularly in formulations where solid fats are essential. Moreover, Illipe Butter enjoys a longer shelf life, ensuring product longevity and quality. Its creamier texture adds richness and depth to formulations, distinguishing it from cocoa butter and offering unique sensory experiences to consumers.

Global CBEs market valuation

The global Cocoa Butter Equivalents (CBEs) market has experienced exponential growth, reaching USD 3.4 billion in 2022 from USD 605 million in 2016, with a remarkable CAGR. While cocoa butter remains dominant, the rising demand for CBEs presents an opportunity for Illipe Butter to emerge as a formidable competitor, given its superior attributes. As the market evolves, manufacturers are increasingly exploring alternative fats like Illipe Butter to meet consumer demands for sustainable and versatile ingredients.

Illipe butter’s role in the personal care industry

CBEs, including Illipe Butter, play a vital role in personal care products like lip care, moisturisers, and shampoo bars, owing to their moisturising properties. Illipe Butter stands out for its ability to nourish and hydrate the skin and hair, making it a preferred choice among discerning manufacturers.

Its high monounsaturated fat content and rich composition of oleic and stearic acids make it an excellent emollient, promoting skin softness and suppleness. Additionally, its high melting point ensures stability in various formulations, enhancing product performance and longevity.

Local Borneo communities collecting the wild nuts to produce Illipe Butter, also known as Tengkawang
The wild collection of illipe nuts provides a sustainable livelihood for local communities

Sustainable sourcing and community impact

Illipe Butter offers more than just cosmetic benefits; it champions sustainable practices and community livelihoods. Through wild nut collection, local communities in Borneo find sustainable income opportunities, while Illipe Butter users contribute to rainforest preservation. The wild collection of illipe nuts provides a sustainable livelihood for local communities, promoting economic empowerment and environmental conservation. By opting for Illipe Butter, manufacturers support responsible sourcing practices and contribute to the preservation of precious rainforests, thereby fostering long-term sustainability and community resilience.

Regulatory compliance of Illipe butter

Illipe Butter meets stringent regulatory standards, including the forthcoming EUDR Regulation, aligning with sustainability goals and forest conservation efforts. As regulatory frameworks evolve to address environmental concerns and promote sustainable sourcing practices, Illipe Butter emerges as a responsible choice for manufacturers seeking compliance with industry regulations.

Its traceable sourcing and commitment to forest conservation ensure transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain, instilling confidence among consumers and regulatory authorities alike.

Product specifications of Illipe Butter

INCI Name: Shorea stenoptera seed butter
CAS No.: 91770-65-9
EINECS No.: 294-851-7
Chinese INCI No.: 06927
REACH: Exempt under Annex V

Experience the transformative potential of Illipe Butter – a sustainable, versatile and responsible alternative to cocoa butter. Harness its natural goodness for your formulations and join the journey towards sustainable sourcing and forest preservation. With its exceptional attributes and positive impact on communities and ecosystems, Illipe Butter represents the future of conscientious manufacturing in the cosmetics and food industries. Embrace the power of Illipe Butter and unlock a world of possibilities for your products and your planet.

Principal: Forestwise
Illipe Butter is available from Carst and Walker in Australia, East Africa and South Africa.