Carst & Walker

Originally established in South Africa in 1934, Carst & Walker is now a multinational organisation with a network of offices and warehousing facilities. Carst & Walker also represents several major multinational companies on an exclusive basis in our regional offices. Our portfolio finds application in Adhesive & Coating, Consumer Specialty, Food Ingredient, Plastics & Rubber, Agrochemical and Chemical Process industries.

Carst & Walker is part of Hobart Enterprises, the holding company of specialty distribution, supply chain and processing companies worldwide. A combination of acquisitions and greenfield developments have reinforced the Group’s footprint in specific regions and target markets for over two decades.

Speciality raw materials - chemical barrels awaiting delivery

Carst & Walker has developed a portfolio of high quality specialty raw materials, ingredients and associated industry products built on longstanding relationships with both regional and global manufacturers and suppliers.

Food and beverage ingredients - fruit juices on conveyor belt

The Carst & Walker portfolio has six core industry groups globally, with regional demands and influences determining the focus and growth of each group. This flexibility provides for future opportunities with both suppliers and partners across our global network, giving Carst & Walker an advantage in ever-changing markets


Glow-in-the-dark, fluorescent and thermochromic and phosphorescent pigments for inks, coatings and polymer masterbatch

APEX has been supplying specialised security and safety pigments around the world to leading manufacturers of inks, coatings and polymer masterbatch for over two decades.

Adding yeast extracts to food products adds a rich, savoury taste

Food producers can use ExtraCell yeast ingredients as a solution to a variety of food formulations. Benefits include less salt, a better taste, GMO-free and vegan friendly.

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