Keeping you informed on products,
events and news in the C&W world.
Keeping you informed on
products,events and news
in the C&W world.

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Lionel Hitchens explores flavour trends in food and beverage

Ingredients and flavours manufacturer, Lionel Hitchens, outlines expected trends for food and beverage. What’s changing? What’s staying? And what’s driving the future?

Varied ingredients to incorporate in skincare formulations targeting the under eye area

Consider these skincare ingredients for your formulations, available from Carst and Walker, that address under eye concerns such as dark circles, wrinkles, puffiness and sagging.

Using colour in beverages ties into the trends for non-alcoholic beverages in 2024

Beverage brands are now making creative use of colour to connect with consumers on an emotional and functional level. Bold shades can showcase beverages’ benefits and build excitement.

Skin is able to synthesize a plethora of happiness neurochemicals

Vytrus Biotech introduces Kannabia Sense and Tumeria Zen, ingredients for skincare formulators that directly affect the skin microbiota, which then which ignite synthesis of cutaneous oxytocin.

Abysoft haircare and skincare ingredient from Carst and Walker

With myriad benefits and properties, Natura-Tec Abysoft improves haircare and cosmetic formulations with exceptional hydration properties, reduces TEWL, and improves dispersion, substantivity, and colour intensity.

Oils and butters used in skincare formulations

When it comes to formulating skincare products, the choice of vegetable oils and butters is a critical factor. Understanding the composition of fatty acids within these oils and butters is essential, as it significantly influences their therapeutic and cosmetic benefits

Glow-in-the-dark, fluorescent and thermochromic and phosphorescent pigments for inks, coatings and polymer masterbatch

APEX has been supplying specialised security and safety pigments around the world to leading manufacturers of inks, coatings and polymer masterbatch for over two decades.

Adding yeast extracts to food products adds a rich, savoury taste

Food producers can use ExtraCell yeast ingredients as a solution to a variety of food formulations. Benefits include less salt, a better taste, GMO-free and vegan friendly.

Using lipid excipients to formulation medical cannabinoid drug products

In the realm of medicinal cannabinoid development, the choice of excipients plays a pivotal role in formulating effective solutions.

TiPure from Chemours adds brilliance interior coatings

TiPure from Chemours utilises titanium dioxide technology to improve coatings with enhanced durability, superior protection and extended longevity.

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