Carst & Walker has developed a portfolio of
high quality specialty raw materials, ingredients
and associated industry products.

Market Segments

Carst & Walker is ideally located to store and distribute our extensive
product range, sourced from some of the world’s finest raw material
and ingredient producers. Our SOLUTIONATORS team of market focused,
technically trained staff operate from strategically located offices in each
region and are supported with local warehouse facilities.



Whatever the substrate, application or function, our extensive range of pigments, resins and additives brings vital options to the formulator of any coating. We are proud to act as regional distributor to many of the world’s premier manufacturers and we also source additional products from other high-quality producers. Our pigments include organics, inorganics and various specialty grades. Binders include specialty acrylic and polyurethane emulsions, nitrocellulose and rosin binders. Additives include flame retardants, pigment dispersants, micronised waxes, rheology modifiers, crosslinkers.


To the formulator of all varieties of liquid, paste and UV printing inks, our comprehensive range of pigments, resins and additives offers high quality, technically consistent and cost-effective solutions. Whether the application is packaging, publication or graphics, our technically experienced team, in partnership with our key Principal suppliers, is here to help. Pigments include organics, inorganics and various specialty colourants. Binders include nitrocellulose binders and modified gum rosins esters. Additives include pigment dispersants, micronised waxes, rheology modifiers, matting agents and photo initiators.


Whatever the end application, our comprehensive range of raw materials and additives meet the demanding requirements of the Adhesive formulator. Representing key Principals and suppliers from around the world, our experienced, local technical and logistical teams make us your ideal supply partner supplying polymers such as starches, polyvinyl alcohol, VAE, polychloroprene, polyurethanes, EVA, acrylics and SBS/SIS. Resins include hydrocarbons, rosin esters, glycerol esters, and phenolics.


Serving the construction chemicals industry with a wide range of key functional raw materials including concrete curing modifiers, high quality white Portland cement, rheology modifiers and waterproofing additives, all sourced from our portfolio of world-class manufacturing partners.


Animal Nutrition

Partnering with our portfolio of leading manufacturing suppliers, we are able to offer a carefully selected range of trace elements, metal salts, antioxidants and other key animal feed additives. Our highly experienced technical sales team, working with our compliance and logistics specialists, ensure that products are specified, stored, labelled and supplied in accordance with all relevant local and international regulations.

Plant Nutrition

Partnering with our portfolio of class leading manufacturing suppliers, we are able to offer a carefully selected range of trace elements and metals salts. Our highly experienced technical sales team, working with our compliance and logistics specialists, ensure that products are specified, stored, labelled, and supplied in accordance with all relevant local and international regulations.



Across a range of harshly challenging production environments, our premium quality refractories provide solutions to a wide variety of industries including: Iron and Steel; Aluminium; Cement; Petrochemicals; Foundry; Glass; Incineration and many others. Sourced from our key Principal manufacturing partners, our comprehensive portfolio of high performance Aluminas are typically used in Refractory Bricks, Castables, Isostatically Pressed Pieces, and Shotcrete mixes. Our experienced local teams, supported by the extensive resources of our supply partners, provide the technical, logistical and commercial support required by these demanding applications.


Produced by global leaders in their field and supported by our experienced local teams, our wide range of Colloidal Silicas and Molochite grades provide the perfect binders for high quality investment mouldings and refractory fibre bonding applications, providing excellent mould intricacy, improved tolerance to imperfection and resistance to thermal shock.


Our range of alumina and other refractory products find application in many different ceramics from the latest developments in new material design supporting cutting edge electronics, to porous slag filters for metal casting. Whether adding strength and durability to sanitaryware or contributing to the resistance of key technical ceramics to corrosion, heat, abrasion, stress or high electric currents, our range of high-quality refractories help the formulator meet the toughest specifications.

Glass Manufacture

We offer a carefully selected range of trace elements, and metal salts to meet the exacting requirements of the glass manufacturing industry. Our highly experienced technical sales team, working with our compliance and logistics specialists, ensure all products are specified, stored, labelled, and supplied in accordance with all relevant local and international regulations.

Biofuel Production

Crucial to the production of stable biofuel, BHT is the go-to antioxidant for this increasingly important application. Our various grades have the purity and consistency required.

Timber Preservation

The role of timber as a construction material is vitally dependent upon its resistance to degradation due to wood decay, fungal growth and insect attack. From the most demanding all-weather applications, such as railway sleepers, through to interior joinery components, our range of organic acids, organic acid salts and preservatives provides the wood preservation industry with many formulation options to replace more traditional technologies, which are coming under increasing regulatory concern. Territories that still permit the use of creosote-based formulations, we do also have these materials available.

Metal Surface Treatment

We offer a range of high-quality metal salts including Copper, Cobalt, Nickel and Zinc. We provide high purity metal finishing and surface treatment chemicals to enable the formulator to meet the most demanding specifications.


Our experienced local teams offer a wide range of products providing a wide range of cut and shine options for applications including metal pre-polishing and finishing, wood, stones, jewels, glass, electronics, aluminium and delicate materials such as plastics and paints. We also have grades for incorporation into various applications from brake pads to household cleaners.

Resin Production

We offer a wide range of process aids and intermediates including heat transfer fluids, antioxidants, catalysts and monomers. Drawing on our extensive global network of high-quality suppliers, our local teams will seek to provide the products and technical support required to enable you to meet the tightest formulation and production specifications.


Home Care

We have a strong position in pine chemicals which are widely used in in cleaners and sanitizers.

We offer a range of thickeners, foaming enhancers, surfactants and additives for all Home Care sectors including auto care, laundry and hard surface cleaners.


We represent market leaders in excipients for all pharmaceutical applications. In addition, we source coal tar, iodoform and chlorocresol sell in large and small quantities.

We source any difficult to find ingredients for all pharmaceutical products including excipients, herbal extracts, tinctures, APIs and controlled substances.

Hair Care

We offer a full basket of raw materials for all shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments and styling formulations, including but not limited to conditioners, thickeners, styling fixatives and cosmetic actives.

Skin Care

We offer an exhaustive range of raw materials for this market for all sub-sectors including but not limited to face and body care, sunscreens, wash products and sanitizer and hybrid colour-care applications.

We specialise in synthetic and natural thickeners, texturing agents, emulsifiers, specialty and commodity emollients, extracts, exfoliators, butters and oils. We also offer cosmetic actives for all skin care needs.

Colour Cosmetics

We represent a market leader manufacturing treated and untreated pigments for all colour cosmetic applications. We also offer dispersing agents, actives and delivery systems for all colour cosmetics liquid and solid.


We distribute fragrance for all home care, personal care and pharmaceutical applications. Our principal will create unique fragrances for our clients based on their requirements and applications. They also have a large fragrance library from which clients may choose a “standard” fragrance if uniqueness is not a key issue and / or if time to approval is limited.



Bakery including breakfast cereals, snacks, cakes, fillings and decorations.


For both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including, cordials, concentrates, juices, tea and coffee.


Chocolate confectionery and sugar confectionery including chewing gum and jellies.


All dairy products including margarine but excluding fresh milk.

Pet Foods

For wet and dry pet foods including aquatic flakes and pellets.

Prepared Consumer Food

Ready to eat commercially prepared meals.


Snack seasonings, seasonings, condiments, spices and batch pack blends.


Sports nutrition and supplements.



We cater for raw materials for Mining Rubber Goods, Conveyor Belts, Tyres, Cables and Automotive sectors. Some of our key product ranges include Natural and Synthetic rubbers, Fillers, precipitated Silica, Carbon Black, Rubber Chemicals, Bonding agents, Flame retardants, factices, Sulphur, Zinc Oxide, Stearic Acid, Silanes, Waxes, Peroxides, Magnesium Oxides, Blowing Agents, Methacrylates, release agents and liners and processing equipment.


We cater for raw materials for Automotive, Home Appliances, Agriculture, Footwear and tarpaulin sectors. Key product ranges include ABS, Acetal/POM, Additives, Black Masterbatch, Cling Masterbatch, Desiccants, organic and Inorganic Pigments, EVA, Nylon, Purging Compounds, PVC Paste, Talc, TPE, TPR, TPV, Viscosity Modifier Masterbatches and processing equipment.

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