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Glow-in-the-dark, fluorescent and thermochromic and phosphorescent pigments for inks, coatings and polymer masterbatch

APEX invisible security pigments: Providing safety and security measures

APEX has been supplying specialised security and safety pigments around the world to leading manufacturers of inks, coatings and polymer masterbatch for over two decades. The APEX Team has the technical expertise and formulating experience to guide formulators across various application areas, all handled with the utmost discretion.

The APEX Invisible Range: Security and Brand Protection using invisible fluorescent pigments

APEX Invisible Fluorescent Pigments are pigments, which remain inconspicuous under normal daylight conditions. However, once exposed to ultraviolet or infra-red light they emit a specific-coloured fluorescence, thereby providing effective authentication and anti-counterfeiting measures.

  • S Series Invisible Fluorescent Pigments

The APEX S Series are organic pigments which offer a solution when vivid overt marking is required. Their ability to be gently milled allows their use in thin film inks and coating systems, they exhibit moderate durability to heat and light.

  • E Series Invisible Fluorescent Pigments

The APEX E Series are inorganic pigments which exhibit good durability to heat and light. They are less vivid than the S Series and their crystalline structure means they are not suitable for milling or grinding. However, their improved resistance properties allow them to be used where extended light exposure and high heat stability is required.

  • UC Series Invisible Fluorescent Pigments

These specialised security pigments are activated by infrared light (950nm or 980nm). They have excellent heat and light stability, and they add an extra level of overt security protection. The APEX UC Series have a crystalline inorganic structure so milling should be avoided.

APEX Phosphorescent Pigments

  • Providing Energy Efficient Light in the Dark

The APEX range of Glow-in-the-Dark pigments are used extensively in safety and novelty applications. They offer formulators a range of emission and body colours, degrees of brightness and length of glow. Their versatility allows them to be used in both the coating and polymer industry.

  • H Series Phosphors

The H Series offers a variety of emission colours, longevity of glow and the ability to withstand extrusion temperatures. The H Series will suit many applications which need to provide a safe path, a sure foot, a firm grip or just a smile of delight as they light up the dark.

  • S Series Phosphors

The S Series Phosphors are coloured glow in the dark pigments available in a diverse range of shades to suit your application. They will brighten your day as well as the night.

APEX Smart Colour Changing Pigments

  • APEX Thermochromic Pigments (TH SERIES)

The TH series give a visual response at specific temperatures. They transition reversibly from coloured to colourless. Activation temperatures between -10°C to 60°C are available in a range of colours. They can be used in a variety of applications from water-based systems to polymer masterbatch.

  • APEX Photochromic Pigments (PT SERIES)

The PT Series pigments remain colourless until exposed to daylight. This exposure triggers the rapid development of intense colour. Once the light source has been removed, the colour gradually fades. Easy to disperse in a range of carriers, including water and low polar solvents, these pigments can be utilised in a variety of applications.

In a world where safety and security are paramount, APEX’s range of specialised pigments provides innovative solutions for a multitude of applications. The Apex team offers a commitment to quality and technical excellence that will ensure we continue to be our customers preferred partner in the field of security and safety pigments.

APEX is available from Carst & Walker in Ireland and United Kingdom.