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Using colour in beverages ties into the trends for non-alcoholic beverages in 2024

Colour trends in non-alcoholic beverages for 2024: A vibrant palette of wellness and nostalgia

Beverage brands are now making creative use of colour to connect with consumers on an emotional and functional level. Bold shades can showcase beverages’ benefits and build excitement in applications including:

  • Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD)
  • Juices and smoothies
  • Kombuchas
  • Vitamin waters and hydration drinks
  • Gamer and energy drinks

EXBERRY® Colouring Foods can help you tap into the trends while keeping your labels clean and clear. Made from fruit, vegetables and edible plants, its plant-based concentrates can be used to deliver a full spectrum of vibrant shades in almost any beverage application.

Trend drivers for 2024

  • Proactive wellness: Consumers prioritise prevention over cure in their approach to wellness.
  • Emotional wellness appeal: Beverages aiding emotional well-being resonate in uncertain times.
  • Digestive health surge: Functional beverages focusing on digestive health and energy gain traction.
  • Colour connection: Colours play a crucial role in connecting with consumers on an emotional and functional level.

Gut health

49% of global consumers want to improve their digestive health over the next 12 months.

  • Prevention-oriented choices: Consumers opt for beverages with health-boosting claims.
  • Holistic wellness: Recognition of gut health’s impact on overall well-being.
  • Colourful innovation: Vibrant colours linked to health benefits stand out in a crowded market.

Candy crossover

40% of global consumers have sought out products and flavours that remind them of the past and simpler times.

  • Nostalgic comfort: Consumers seek products evoking past memories and simpler times.
  • Nostalgia trend: Incorporating favourite candy flavours triggers childhood memories.
  • Colourful nostalgia: Matching candy shades in beverages enhances product appeal.

Healthy hydration

47% of global consumers say they drink functional juices or waters at least once a week.

  • Functional hydration boom: Increasing consumption of functional juices and waters.
  • Brand standouts: Brands seek distinctive colours to make hydration drinks stand out.
  • Colourful messaging: Eye-catching colours convey health benefits and boost appeal.

The bubble trend

Exotic flavours such as watermelon, yuzu, lime, and dragon fruit have gained popularity.

  • RTD bubble tea: Bubble tea enters the ready-to-drink market with vibrant colours.
  • Sensory experience: Colour innovation in beverage base and flavoured bubbles creates a unique experience.
  • Customisable fun: DIY kits and customisable options offer a tasty and fun experience.

Game On: Digital food and beverage experiences become a trend

33% of global Gen-Z & Millennials are curious about digital food & beverage experiences.

  • Digital escapes: Consumers turn to gaming for stress relief.
  • Hydration and energy: Drinks target gaming consumption moments.
  • Ethereal colours: Beverages connect with themes and characters, offering a unique experience.

Time to embrace the power of eye-catching colour in food and beverages

  • Enhancing food adventures: Colour adds to the excitement of new food experiences.
  • Proof of strength: Vibrant colours serve as proof of product benefits.
  • Fun and excitement: Colour boosts enjoyment, acting as inspiration and a tool for experimentation.
  • Connecting through colour: It fosters anticipation and shared experiences, connecting people.

EXBERRY® service & support includes:

  1. Concept innovation and market trends insights
  2. Application support, which includes:
    • Colour matching
    • Performance testing
    • Heat and light testing
    • Upscaling support
  3. Regulatory support:
    • Classification and labelling colouring food
  4. Quality documentation
  5. Online or in-person EXBERRY® workshops.

The non-alcoholic beverage landscape for 2024 is painted with a vibrant palette that transcends mere consumption, delving into realms of holistic wellness, nostalgia and sensory exploration. As consumers continue their proactive pursuit of well-being, brands have embraced the power of colour to not only convey health benefits but also to enhance the overall enjoyment of drinking experiences.

From gut health innovations to the sweet nostalgia of candy crossovers, the industry is embracing a spectrum of colours that resonate with emotions, memories and the desire for uniqueness. As the beverage market evolves, colour becomes a powerful language, connecting with consumers on a profound level, making each sip an adventure.

The inclusion of exotic flavours, customisable options, and the gaming-inspired trend further showcase the industry’s commitment to offering diverse, enjoyable and meaningful experiences. Through the lens of colour, brands are not just creating beverages; they are crafting stories, connecting with consumers and inviting them into a world where every hue tells a tale.

Supported by the EXBERRY® service and support ecosystem, brands have access to a comprehensive toolkit for innovation—from colour matching to regulatory guidance. This collaborative approach ensures that the visual language of beverages aligns seamlessly with evolving consumer expectations.

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