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Exberry Coloring Foods are plant-based concentrates for pink and red shades in dairy applications

Create red and pink dairy with clean and clear labels: EXBERRY® Coloring Foods deliver exceptional visual impact without E numbers

EXBERRY® Coloring Foods are plant-based concentrates that can provide eye-catching pink and red shades in almost any dairy application. Made from well-known raw materials such as red potatoes, black carrots and radishes, they are the ultimate clean-label replacement for carmine and other additive colorants.

The challenge

Clean labels are increasingly important in dairy products – and the choice of colouring ingredient can be vital. Natural additives such as lutein (E161b) and betanin (E162) can be used in place of artificial colours but do require E numbers. Carmine (E120) is one of the most widely used natural additives for red and pink shades.

The solution

EXBERRY® Coloring Foods are the ideal solution for ice cream, yoghurts, milk drinks and beyond. Based on the concept of colouring food with food, they are edible concentrates created from non-GMO fruit, vegetables and plants using physical processing methods. They are considered to be food ingredients rather than additives in the European Union. This means they do not require E numbers and can be listed in a way that provides instant reassurance to consumers, such as ‘carrot and radish concentrates.’

Plant-based colours

EXBERRY® colours are plant-based concentrates made from raw materials that consumers know and trust. As such, they are suitable for vegan, halal and kosher diets and can add a health halo to both traditional dairy products and plant-based alternatives.

  • 47% of consumers worldwide now say they eat or drink dairy alternatives products.

Stable supplies

GNT manages all steps of the supply chain – from the selection of seeds to the cultivation and harvesting of the raw materials and all the way through to the finished products. This ensures full traceability and the year-round availability of our supplies. We also invest in long-term stockholding, keeping an average of 18 months’ supply of EXBERRY® stock at all times.

Exberry Coloring Foods are plant-based concentrates for pink and red shades in dairy applications

Key benefits

  • Strong visual appeal
  • Year-round availability
  • Clean and clear label declarations
  • Excellent heat and light stability
  • Plant-based and vegan-friendly
  • Halal and kosher certified

69% of consumers worldwide seek out food and drink products that contain recognisable ingredients most or all of the time.


EXBERRY® Coloring Foods can be used to achieve exceptional results in dairy applications including milk drinks, yoghurt, ice cream and fruit prep. They are also ideal for plant-based dairy alternatives. Our proprietary technology can deliver solutions that have the exact colour shade and intensity required for the application in question. EXBERRY® colors also offer excellent stability, as demonstrated in extensive heat and light tests.

Exberry Coloring Foods are plant-based concentrates for pink and red shades in dairy applications

The EXBERRY® advantage

EXBERRY® colors can be used to achieve a full spectrum of shades in almost any food and drink application. They are valued globally for their ease of use, brilliance, performance, and the vertical integration of the supply chain. With vast experience working with plant-based colours, GNT’s team of specialists is on hand to offer support throughout the entire product development process. Get in touch now to find out how EXBERRY® can add value to your products.

Available from Carst and Walker in East Africa and South Africa. Contact us to find out more.

Principal: Exberry


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