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TiPure from Chemours adds brilliance interior coatings

Ti-Pure™ Solutions for Coatings Applications

In the realm of coatings, Chemours stands as a trailblazer, pioneering titanium dioxide (TiO₂) technology that has revolutionised the industry. Their commitment to best-in-class product quality, exemplary customer service and unmatched production capacity cements Chemours as a leader among TiO₂ manufacturers.

This commitment to quality extends seamlessly to their Ti-Pure™ solutions, particularly in architectural and industrial applications. These encompass a diverse range of sectors, including original equipment manufacturers (OEM), marine, aerospace and industrial building. Products fortified with high-quality Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ exhibit enhanced durability, superior protection and prolonged longevity, marking them as the epitome of excellence in these applications.

Enhancing interior and exterior coatings

Ti-Pure™ takes centre stage in both interior and exterior architectural coatings in a white finish. In interior spaces, it imparts a brilliance that withstands the test of time. This versatile ingredient not only facilitates the desired gloss level for any given space but also offers exceptional opacity, ensuring seamless and smooth coverage.

When applied to exterior walls, architectural coatings fortified with Ti-Pure™ defy the perils of UV degradation. They stand resolute against chalking and fading, preserving a freshly painted appearance. The choice of grade hinges on achieving the perfect equilibrium between gloss and tint retention within the application space.

Industrial building finishes: Catering to varied industry sub-segments

TiPure from Chemours adds longevity to exterior coatings

Industrial finishes span many market sub-segments, ranging from automotive to powder, coil, can and industrial building paints. Each niche comes with distinct quality and performance prerequisites. While TiO₂ primarily serves to impart hiding or opacity, the selected grade significantly influences coating gloss, exterior durability and, in the case of acid-catalysed coatings, film cure.

Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ emerges as a game-changer for industrial coatings, elevating their durability and enhancing the performance of other essential ingredients. The grade recommendation hinges on specific application end-use requirements. Durable Ti-Pure™ grades find their niche in a spectrum of industrial applications, with performance variations determined by surface treatment and particle size distribution.

  • Silica: Bolsters exterior durability, encompassing chalk resistance and gloss retention.
  • Alumina: Facilitates ease of dispersion and resistance to flocculation.
  • Smaller particle size and narrow distribution: Contribute to an unparalleled gloss.

Redefining coatings for vehicles

TiPure pigment for vehicle coatings adds consistency, colour stability and UV protection

Ti-Pure™ solutions usher in a new era of consistency, colour stability and UV protection for coatings and plastics employed in vehicle interiors and exteriors. The addition of this white pigment brings forth enhanced durability, weather resistance and colour opacity. The result? A reduction in wear and tear over time, preserving the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal and ensuring it retains its ‘new car’ allure.

When employed in coatings, Ti-Pure™ TiO₂’s advantages are:

  • Promoting a high-gloss finish
  • Preserving colour integrity
  • Shielding against UV-induced damage
  • In plastics, Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ adds an extra layer of resilience, fending off fading and fortifying against UV-related harm.

Aerospace and marine: Protecting against the elements

TiPure is a titanium dioxide additive for exterior architectural coatings

In the aerospace and marine industries, where exposure to harsh environments is par for the course, Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ emerges as a stalwart protector. This essential ingredient strengthens paints and coatings, offering safeguarding against corrosive elements that can lead to structural deterioration. Additionally, it enhances UV resistance, upholding the integrity of the paint and ensuring it remains steadfast in both interior and exterior settings.

Chemours’ Ti-Pure™ solutions show innovation and quality that continues to set the benchmark in coatings applications. With a diverse range of offerings tailored for various sectors, these solutions fortify products against the trials of time and the elements, ensuring they endure and maintain their pristine appearance.

Ti-Pure™ is available in South Africa from Carst & Walker.