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the psychology of colour

Psychology of colour

Tired of the colour of your walls of roof? You and I are probably influenced by current trends and personal choices when choosing a colour, but there’s more to choosing a colour than meets the eye!

One must consider the effect of the colour on the mood of the room and its impact on you, whether it will make the room appear well proportioned, will it draw attention to defects, will it positively accent architectural features, how natural and artificial light affect the colour.

Hence, colour does not only have a visual ergonomic role but also needs to consider the human psycho-physiological reactions to colour.

Apart from the decorative aspect, one also has to bear in mind that the more intense a colour, the more likely it is to fade. Dark, bold and intense hues absorb heat and are more prone to moisture problems than lighter shades.

If that is not already enough to consider, it is also necessary to take into account the colours of existing fittings and finishes, e.g., flooring, paving, roofing material, built-in features etc.
Having said that, positive change is what we are about, so go and ‘paint the town red’ (but do remember if you’re painting over a dark wall, to first prime it with a white to light-grey undercoat!)