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SonneNatural™ are 100% plant-based emollients for cosmetic applications

SonneNatural™ Perfectly Natural, Naturally Perfect

NATURAL AND PERFECT. Let’s face it. Everything that is “perfectly natural” is not always “naturally perfect.” Consider the most valuable and precious diamond, colourless and brilliantly scintillating. Perfectly natural? Yes. Naturally perfect? No, it takes highly skilled experts to transform what nature provides into the perfect finished product. Products that are “all natural” are oftentimes inferior substitutes regarding quality, odour, colour and performance. That is why Sonneborn SonneNatural™ products are your best choice for 100% plant-based emollients.

As the global leading supplier of the highest-quality petrolatum, the company utilises its expertise in petrolatum development, hydrocarbon formulating and manufacturing capabilities to make the finest range of natural emollients imaginable.

Expertise and innovation in the personal care and pharmaceutical industries

Since 1903, Sonneborn, an HF Sinclair brand, has been synonymous with the world’s highest-quality refined hydrocarbons for personal care and pharmaceutical applications. Its goal is to provide customers with premium products made in the USA, progressive technical capabilities and dependable service so they receive the very best value in the industry. Together with continued growth in their fundamental product lines, the Sonneborn brand has applied core strengths to transcend traditional technologies and deliver exciting new products to the market.

Elegant and effective plant-based alternatives

While the demand for high-performing emollients and moisture retention ingredients prevails, the desire for elegant, yet all plant-based alternatives continues. The SonneNatural line offers a full range of 100% natural alternatives to traditional petrolatum used in personal care and pharmaceutical formulations by adding exceptional lubricity and moisture protection to lotions, creams, ointments and hand cleaners. The sensory profile chart below summarises the physical properties of SonneNatural products compared to petrolatum product White Protopet™ 1S.

The Sonneborn family of products has been soothing people since they were babies. They continue to build on its innovation, developing new and better products that deliver a natural fit in today’s world. The company that has brought you the purest, highest quality ingredients now brings you the finest plant based emollients.

SonneNatural product range is an excellent alternative to petrolatum in cosmetic formulations

SonneNatural is a soft, translucent-yellow, medium-gloss product. It has a creamy application, excellent spread, low slip and nice cushiony feel. The combination of softness and luxurious feel makes this product an excellent natural alternative to petrolatum in cosmetic formulations. SonneNatural also has almost no odour and is colour stable.

  • SonneNatural PF-1 is the palm free version of SonneNatural.
  • SonneNatural 200 Series offers two distinctly unique products: SonneNatural H-203 and SonneNatural J-207.
  • SonneNatural H-203 offers a firm base product for your formulations.


  1. Medium cushion, medium to low gloss, low slip, short play time and minimal spreadability
  2. The short play time delivers body and tack to formulations
  3. Ideal for hair styling products such as putty and pastes, and for lip balms that require a more compact feel.
Sensory profile of the SonneNatural emollient ingredient

SonneNatural J-207 offers the natural, classic look and feel of neat petroleum jelly and its benefits include:

  • Soft with medium cushion, very glossy with medium slip and playtime, and high spreadability
  • Its properties and appearance fit best for a neat petroleum jelly replacement, or for use in elegant lip moisture balms or high-end hair pomades.

SonneNatural CB19 is a soft, translucent off-white, medium gloss product. It has a creamy application, excellent spread, low tack and cushiony feel. It is designed to provide a stable delivery emollient for cannabinoids and hemp oils. Using human skin tissue samples, a formulation of CB19 + CBD modified the expression of 10 genes important to skin biology. Affected genes were related to antioxidant / stress response, barrier formation, and inflammatory responses. This activity profile significantly differed from other commercially available CBD delivery vehicles. Taken together, these results show that not all carriers have the same efficacy or activity profile, and that CB19 may provide unique benefits for CBD delivery.

SonneNatural NXG is the firmest emollient in the SonneNatural line. It offers a unique combination of properties. It is very firm upon initial feel, but works down nicely. Additionally, it is non-greasy and exhibits excellent moisture retention and humectant properties with unmatched emolliency. Its low odour may lower your fragrance loading and its occlusive after-feel leaves skin feeling soft and luxurious. Its firm texture could benefit in anhydrous formulas by reducing the amount of thickeners or waxes needed in the end formulation.

The 100% perfectly natural solution for moisturisation

SonneNatural products impart optimal moisture retention, with a wide range of emolliency and rheological properties to fit your specific formulation requirements. SonneNatural products are ideal natural and renewable options for use in cosmetic applications where an emollient, moisturiser, solubiliser or dispersing agent is required.

SonneNatural is an excellent natural alternative to petrolatum in cosmetic formulations

SonneNatural natural cosmetic ingredient – features and benefits table

The SonneNatural™ portfolio of products is applicable to many skin and hair products

In skin care, SonneNatural is an excellent moisturiser and skin protectant, keeping skin soft, supple and pliable. In hair care applications, SonneNatural is used in conditioning shampoos, rinse-off and leave-on conditioners, and hair treatment formulas. In styling and finishing products, SonneNatural adds anti-static properties, good combability and defrizzing, and it provides luster plus shine. In colour cosmetics, specifically for anhydrous formulations, SonneNatural offers solubilising, emolliency and colour dispersion properties. Other applications include soap, shaving cream, body scrub, antiperspirant, deodorant, wipes and other products. The uses for SonneNatural are limitless and offer unique properties that enhance personal care products naturally.

Moisture retention and emolliency

Ideal skin care formulas typically contain an ingredient that improves barrier function while helping to supplement the natural epidermal lipids. Keeping the skin supple and pliable is very important for creams and lotions. Since petrolatum has long been the benchmark for preventing moisture loss through the skin, we have focused on developing products with similar skin protection. Transepidermal water loss (TEWL) data is available showing that SonneNatural products deliver substantial skin moisturisation.

Transepidermal water loss data shows SonneNatural products deliver substantial skin moisturisation


SonneNatural’s rheology, shown below, is similar to its standard petrolatum, so it behaves in formulations like petrolatum and therefore makes a great natural alternative. SonneNatural products add substantive feel and body to formulations without the negative attributes associated with fillers, such as starch or clay.

The SonneNatural choice

We recognise the importance of even the most subtle, yet specific differences that are often crucial to defining a finished formula. As such, we continue to apply our technical expertise in growing our line of 100% naturally derived emollients. Despite the notion that there is only “one petrolatum,” there are in fact numerous combinations of attributes that lead to uniquely different petrolatum products.

Similarly, we apply this same developmental expertise in creating a range of plant-based, natural emollients. Together, SonneNatural and SonneNatural 200 Series products offer new benchmarks, delivering optimal moisturisation and emolliency benefits of petrolatum along with a wide range of sensory characteristics, appearance and spreadability to best meet any formula objective. Choosing the right product for your specific formulation depends upon both the desired aesthetic and sensory attributes. Key sensory properties to consider in choosing the right SonneNatural product are desired cushion, gloss, slip, playtime and spreadability.

SonneNatural’s rheology is similar to standard petrolatum

SonneNatural series of products are available in South Africa from Carst and Walker.