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Shade Vivid Orange from GNT replaces artificial colours in food production

Unleash the power of paprika

GNT, a leading provider of natural food colourings, recently unveiled an exciting breakthrough in the world of plant-based colours. They have introduced Shade Vivid Orange – OS, the first-ever 100% oil-soluble colour derived from non-GMO paprika in their renowned EXBERRY® portfolio. This innovative product offers a vibrant and versatile orange shade that can effectively replace paprika oleoresin and artificial colours in a wide range of applications, particularly in fat-based sweet and savoury products.

One of the key advantages of EXBERRY® Shade Vivid Orange – OS is its extraction process, which is entirely free from organic solvents. This means that it delivers exceptional colour intensity without the use of any harmful chemicals. The product’s ability to provide such vibrant hues without compromising on consumer safety is a major milestone in the food industry.

EXBERRY® Shade Vivid Orange – OS supports consumer-friendly labelling

In addition to its outstanding colour performance, EXBERRY® Shade Vivid Orange – OS also supports consumer-friendly labelling. The product is certified kosher, vegan, and halal, making it suitable for a diverse range of dietary preferences. This makes it an ideal choice for snack seasonings, bakery products, plant-based meats and cheeses, dips and dressings, frostings and decorative coatings, cheese sauces, bread products, as well as various processed meat and fish products.

Plant-based orange colour launched to food industry

Labelling recommendations for EXBERRY® Shade Vivid Orange – OS differ depending on the target market. In the United States, the recommended labelling is “paprika (colour),” highlighting its natural source. On the other hand, for manufacturers catering to European Union consumers, the colour is considered a food ingredient rather than an additive, and therefore, it does not require an E-number. The recommended labelling in this case is “paprika oil,” reinforcing its plant-based origin.

Alice Lee, GNT USA’s Technical Marketing Manager, emphasised the significant opportunity that this game-changing product presents in a competitive marketplace. EXBERRY® Shade Vivid Orange – OS enables manufacturers to differentiate their products while satisfying consumer demands for transparency and trust. This breakthrough colour provides a tangible way for brands to showcase their commitment to using natural ingredients and building stronger connections with their customers.

GNT’s launch of Shade Vivid Orange – OS represents a major advancement in the realm of natural food colours. With its impressive colour intensity, versatile applications, and consumer-friendly labelling options, this 100% oil-soluble plant-based colour opens up new possibilities for food manufacturers. As the industry continues to embrace clean and clear labels, products like EXBERRY® Shade Vivid Orange – OS play a vital role in meeting consumer expectations and driving innovation forward.